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Our changing world increasingly demands businesses to have the flexibility to adapt and keep pace with change. Whether it is the continuing consumer demand for healthier and more nutritious food and beverages, regulatory pressures - hard or soft, growing public interest in awareness and sustainability of natural products, the increasing demand for cost efficiency or globalisation driving a willingness amongst consumers to experiment with new tastes and foods.

Flavour innovation plays a hugely important part in the growth strategies of many major food and beverage manufacturers but is not their sole prerogative. Enlightened, smaller food companies and their suppliers realise the potential that flavour innovation presents and are often quicker to react.

Just some of the many reasons to choose Innovative Ingredients....why not contact us and see how we can help you.

Our Skills

We always strive to give the maximum effort we can to all our customers; whether large or small. We would like to say 100% on everything but nobody is perfect and we are always looking to push ourselves further.



Product Development


Customer Focus




Customer focused

'...our aim is to be the natural (preferred) choice of our customers by exhibiting core values essential to success.'


'...engaging with our customers and delivering solutions that focus on achievable outcomes.'


'...Flavour innovation plays an important part in the growth strategies of many major food and beverage manufacturers.'


'...from a team with a proven ability to deliver. No business challenge is too big, and no customer request too small.'

Innovative solutions...

... created for customers based on sound technical and practical experience from a team with a proven ability to deliver. A leadership with more than 60 years technical, commercial and manufacturing experience in the development and production of flavourings and food ingredients. We aim to deliver products and solutions that we are proud of.

Innovative philosophy...

Our aim is to be the natural (preferred) choice of our customers by exhibiting core values essential to success. Promoting a business philosophy aimed at providing consistent high quality, right the first time, cost effective products. The development of innovative solutions, applications and value added ideas.

This is achieved by enacting the right processes as a foundation for continuous improvement and employee empowerment. Adding value to the organization by developing people and teams who follow the company's philosophy. Using reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves the people and processes.

Differentiated problems require differentiated solutions whether packaged ingredients to simplify your processes or flavour & taste combinations to stimulate your senses.

Innovative People

Innovative Flavour Creator

With almost 30 years experience in the flavour industry our Senior Flavourist can find the creative answer to most of your flavouring requirements and loves the challenge of bringing innovative flavour combinations to the market.

Innovative Product Developer

From concept stage through to product sign-off, our Product Developer has over 10 years experience in creating fantastic products including biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolates and frozen desserts.

Innovative Commercial Manager

With a wealth of experience gained from 25 years in the food industry, our Commercial Manager can help customers with an in-depth technical knowledge of products from development through to finished application.